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Return Policy


1. Right of Withdrawal for Consumers for HEALY WORLD Products purchased online

The following information applies to consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

Consumers enjoy a Right of Withdrawal from their Purchase Contract relating to the online purchase of Healy products, based on the following provisions:

a) Consumers have fourteen (14 days) from the date of receipt of their HEALY WORLD products to Contact Us to request their Right of Withdrawal
b) Products eligible for a Right of Withdrawal include HEALY WORLD devices, Watches and Coils
c) All Software, Accessories and Consumable Products are excluded from the Right of Withdrawal and are considered final purchases, to the extent permitted and under the conditions applicable by law

If your Purchase Contract is an Unsolicited Consumer Agreement ( within the meaning of the Australian Consumer Law) you may have additional Right of Withdrawal provisions applicable by law.

To exercise your Right of Withdrawal please contact HEALY WORLD Customer Care:

a) Log in to My Suppport Centre available at and submit a new case (ticket) to request your Right of Withdrawal within the timeframe outlined above
b) Provide your name, email, telephone number, order number (found on your invoice) and request to withdraw and return your Healy World product/s in your message to us

If you are eligible to Withdraw from the Purchase Contract, we will provide you with a return shipping service. Once we receive your returned product/s, we will process your refund.

If you cannot access the online HEALY WORLD Support Centre as described above, you may write to us and post your request to withdraw and return your HEALY WORLD device/s. To do so, please download, print and complete this Right of Withdrawal template letter and post to us at the address provided in the template. Your letter must be date stamped by the Post Office within 14 days from the date you received your orders from us.

2. Return Policy – for Defective or Damaged Products

Thank you for shopping HEALY WORLD products. HEALY WORLD stands behind the quality of our products and takes every effort to support and manage cases of defective or damaged products.

HEALY WORLD warrants that its products will correspond with the specifications at the time of delivery and agree to remedy on non-conformity from the date on which the risk passes to the purchasers within the Warranty Period as mentioned below in paragraph 2.1.4.

The following information about returns applies for Defective or Damaged HEALY WORLD Products.

Our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to have the products repaired or replaced if they fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. In the event of a major failure, you may be entitled to a replacement or refund including compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

2.1. Field of Application
2.1.1. You are required to inspect the products immediately upon taking delivery and notice of any defects attributable to Healy insofar as those defects can be reasonably established.

2.1.2 A product is defective if it does not conform to the agreement at the time of delivery and includes but is not limited to situations where a product:

a) Does not correspond with its description in the advertising or elsewhere; or
b) Is not of a satisfactory quality as reasonably expected according to the terms of the agreement; or
c) Is unfit for any purpose informed to the Consumer before he/she purchases the product.

2.1.3 This policy is applicable only for defective products if the product had been purchased within the Warranty Period for the product. The remedies are not available if your request is made to us for a defective product after the Warranty Period has expired.

2.1.4 The Warranty Period for Healy World products purchased in Australia and New Zealand is:

d) Two (2) years from the date of purchase for HEALY WORLD devices, Watches and Coils
e) Six (6) months from the date of purchase for Accessories
f) Fourteen (14) Days for Consumables
g) All Software purchases are considered final, to the extent permitted and under the conditions applicable by law

2.1.5. A genuine HEALY WORLD purchase invoice is required to accompany your claim for any defective or damaged product.

2.1.6 Other than the Warranty Period mentioned above, HEALY WORLD is not required to remedy any defective or damaged product if:

a) The consumer had damaged the product.
b) The consumer had misused the product and caused the fault.
c) The consumer had tried to repair the item themself or had someone else try to repair it
d) The consumer had been informed about the fault before they purchased the item.
e) The consumer had exercised his Right of Withdrawal from the Purchase Contract; or
f) The fault is because of wear and tear.

2.1.7 HEALY WORLD will not accept returns of any product that is clearly identified at the time of sale as a demonstration kit, nonreturnable, discontinued, as a seasonal item or currently non-saleable

2.2. Return of defective or damaged Healy World products

2.2.1 If you believe you have a defective or damaged HEALY WORLD product, please contact HEALY WORLD Customer Care:

a) Log in to My Suppport Centre available at and submit a new case (ticket) to notify us of your issue within the timeframe outlined above.
b) Outline the issue you are exprining with your Healy World product in your message to us, including any photos or pictures illustrating the issue.
c) Provide your name, email, telephone number, order number (found on your invoice)

2.2.2 Our Customer Care team will then assist you to confirm the issue, including potential solutions available to you which may resolve your issue.

2.2.3 If your product/s need to be returned to us, we will provide you with a return shipping service. Once we receive your returned product/s, and if we are able to determine that you have a damaged or defective product, and that it is covered within the Warranty Period, you will be provided with either a repair or replacement, depending on the issue/s identified.

2.2.4 The products you return cannot exceed the quantity appearing on the HEALY WORLD’s purchase invoice.

2.2.5. The return of a HEALY WORLD product considered damaged or defective must be postmarked within the Warranty Period .

2.2.6. Upon receipt of the returned product, HEALY WORLD will fully inspect it and notify you of the outcome, within a reasonable period of time.

2.2.7. If you are eligible to a repair or replacement, HEALY WORLD will repair or replace the product, within a reasonable period of time.

2.2.8. A misused HEALY WORLD product after receipt, including in situations as described in Section 2.1.6 above, cannot be considered as a defective or damaged product according to this policy.

2.2.9. A HEALY WORLD product cannot be considered damaged if and to the extent that the damage results from a circumstance occurred (a) when you or a third party indicated by you and other than the shipping carrier acquired the physical possession of the product; or (b) upon delivery of the product to a shipping carrier from you to HEALY WORLD, if the carrier was commissioned by you to carry the product and that choice was not offered by HEALY WORLD .

2.2.10. You bear all return shipping charges as well as the risk of loss or of damage of the HEALY WORLD product during the return. However, if you are eligible to a replacement or refund, HEALY WORLD will refund all reasonable shipping costs you paid for returning the product.

3. Contact details
If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact Customer Care online at our HEALY WORLD d Support Centre here:

If you cannot access our online HEALY WORLD Support Centre, you may write to us here:

Level 2 East, The Wentworth Building
300 Murray St, Off Raine Lane

Version: January 2022

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