Affordable payment plans available online now!

Turn one payment into easy bite-sized instalments with ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ purchases. Payright offers flexible payment options so you can order your Healy World products today!

Healy World have partnered with Payright

to offer our members and customers in Australia ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ payment plan options for select Healy products.


Payright is an Australian owned ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ provider offering secure payment plans with zero interest. We offer our Healy World members and customers in Australia the opportunity to take advantage of Payright payment plans for your own purchases, and to assist in growing your Healy World business.


Order your Healy and we will ship out today*
Spread your repayment up to 6 months
Available on purchases up to maximum value of A$3,125 Zero interest
Low affordable fees
Australian based call centre open 7 days a week
*We aim to ship out all orders received by 12pm AEDT on the same day


Making your purchase on a Payright payment plan is quick and simple.

  1. Simply add your chosen Healy World products to your cart
  2. At checkout, select Payright as your payment method
  3. Complete a short online application form, and get an instant decision


Payright payment plans are interest-free but there are some fees to be aware of, including:

  1. Plan Length & Establishment Fee – between A$5 to A$39
  2. Monthly Account Keeping Fee – maximum A$3.50 per month
  3. Payment Processing Fee – A$2.95 per repayment

Some other fees may apply such as late payment fees. See Payright for all fees.


Visit Healy World Shop for Australia today to order your chosen products and select Payright at checkout.

Healy World Shop


What products can be purchased with a Payright plan?All Healy devices can be purchased with a Payright plan – these include:
Healy Wellness Editions Healy Watch
Healy Coil
Healy Accessories

Healy Upgrades, App Modules and Program Groups that are a one-time purchase can also be purchased on a Payright plan.

Minimum purchase value of A$150 to qualify for Payright option.
Any purchase more than A$3125 cannot use Payright.

Any App Module or Program Group that has a recurring monthly subscription fee cannot be purchased on a Payright payment plan.

How much credit is available?

value of up to A$3125 can apply for credit with Payright. A 20% deposit is required, so the maximum credit available is A$2500.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a minimum 20% deposit must be paid. You may choose to pay a higher deposit if you prefer.

How long do I have to repay the loan?

Repayment period is 3 months (for credit up to A$1000) and 6 months (for credit up to A$2500).

Do any fees apply?

Yes, an initial establishment fee of A$5 (3-month term) or A$39 (6-month term) is spread over the increments of your loan repayment. Payright charges a monthly account keeping fee of A$3.50 and payment processing fee of A$2.95. Payright’s current process is to waive account keeping fees where there is no active plan.

Who can apply for a Payright Payment Plan?

All Independent Healy World Members or customers in Australia can apply to Payright. Payright will then apply the lending criteria and provide a decision in seconds.

Can I pay with Payright in New Zealand?

No. Payright is only available for orders by Healy World members and customers in Australia.

How will Payright process my application?

Payright will process your application by assessing the application information and ensuring that you can comfortably afford the repayments. Payright may request for additional information such as proof of income or bank statements to assess your application for approval.

Can Payright be used in the Healy World Shop online?

Yes, all Payright applications must be made online. Simply visit our Healy World Shop for Australia, add your items to the shopping cart and choose Payright as your payment method at checkout. 

How are payments made?

Payments are taken automatically as scheduled from your nominated credit or debit card using a direct debit facility. You also have the ability to nominate a repayment start date. Once a start date is selected and the plan is activated, you will receive a welcome letter to confirm the initial repayment date and frequency. You can view your upcoming payment, and make additional payments by logging in to the Payright Customer Hub.

Can I make early payments or pay my plan out early?

Yes, you can make early payments or choose to pay your Payright plan out early. There is no penalty for making additional payments or paying out the agreement early. A payment processing fee will still apply to any payments made.

What if I want to return my purchase?

In Australia, Healy World offer a 14-Day return policy. Visit our Return Policy for more details or login to your Healy World account to contact our Customer Care team to check your options.

Can I make multiple purchases?

Yes, you can have multiple purchases and plans within the one Payright Account as long as you have the available credit limit. Customers are usually required to make a minimum of 3 repayments on their first plan before applying for another plan. There is a repeat purchase fee for additional plans, however for ease of payment, we combine all active plans into one repayment.

What do I do if I cannot afford my repayments?

If you experience problems with your repayments due to a change of circumstance, please visit Payright financial hardship page here for further information.

Can I close my account and are there any cancellation charges?

Provided you have a zero-balance owing on all Payright plans you can request your Payright account to be deactivated by contacting Payright on 1300 338 496 or click here for more options. There are no additional fees for closing your account or paying out early.

More Questions?

For more information, please visit or call Payright on 1300 338 496

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