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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Healy work when used with the Healy Coil?

When applied with electrodes, the frequencies are modulated onto microcurrent and transmitted in this way. With the Healy Coil, two coils are connected in series and arranged parallel to each other. The current is passed through the two coils and in this way generates two electromagnetic fields. These are oppositely poled and by superposition the two fields cancel each other out. What remains is the magnetic field potential behind it, also called vector potential or quantum potential. The Quantum Potential Frequencies (QPF) generated in this way can have an effect deep into the body and dock directly to the potential level of the body. Therefore, the Healy with the Healy Coil must also be worn directly on the body. The transmission medium of the Healy Coil is the vector potential, which is modulated according to the frequency of the IMF program.

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