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Frequently Asked Questions

Sleep Data is Inaccurate

No sleep data recorded

  • The sleep statistics of the Healy Watch are generated based on the movement of the wrist during sleep. It may be that you move your wrist a lot during sleep, which might causes the sensor in the device to register that you are not sleeping and no sleep data is recorded.
    Therefore, it is recommended to wear the Healy Watch on your non-dominant hand while sleeping. If you are right-handed, please wear it on your left wrist and vice versa.

  • If the sleep time is less than 30 minutes, the device might not be able to detect it and therefore no sleep data will be recorded.

  • If you wear the Healy Watch too loosely, this could lead to inaccurate sleep recordings. It is recommended that you wear it close-fitting while sleeping to avoid involuntary movement. At the same time, wearing the device too tight may lead to inaccurate sleep recordings, too.

  • Sleeping on subways, high-speed rails, buses and other means of transportation might not be recorded correctly due to the movement or acceleration.

Errors in the sleep data

  • Wearing the Healy Watch

    • When you are in a relatively calm state, for example watching TV, using your mobile phone or reading a book, it may be that the amplitude and frequency of your movements are quite small and therefore similar to sleeping. This could cause the sensor in the device to register that you are sleeping and sleep data will be recorded. 

    • If you are awake but do not immediately move or operate the Healy Watch, it may be that the device does not exit the sleep mode and thus erroneously continues recording sleep data.

  • Not wearing the Healy Watch

    • The sensor in the device reacts to light, not to bioelectric signals. Hence, it cannot distinguish between living beings and objects. When the Healy Watch is placed on objects like tables, sinks, sofas and so on, it registers changes in illumination similar to wearing it on the wrist. Therefore, it might register being worn on the wrist and erroneously start to record sleep data.

Errors in the waking hours

  • If you unconsciously turn around during sleep, the Healy Watch might register you as awake and erroneously increase the number of waking hours.

  • If you are awake but do not immediately move or operate the Healy Watch, it may be that the device does not exit the sleep mode and thus erroneously decreases the waking hours.

Sleep data is below the actual sleep time

  • When you fall asleep it may be that you are in a restless state. Therefore the registered time of falling asleep might differ from the actual one.

  • When waking up it may be that you turn around often. Therefore the registered time of waking up may differ from the actual time.

  • When you are awake in the middle of bedtime or turn over more frequently while sleeping, the Healy Watch may record more waking hours than there actually were.

  • Due to the capabilities and limitations of algorithm monitoring, the total sleep duration registered by the Healy Watch might be different from what you have perceived. There is a reasonable difference of about 30 minutes.

Different devices record different proportions of sleep stages

  • Due to the varying hardware specifications of different devices, there could be differences in the sensor data collected that lead to differences in the duration and ratio of the individual scientific sleep states. This is a normal phenomenon, please use the device as usual.

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